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Multifunctional Dock Hook

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  • Unique Upgrade - The unique fitting makes tying up to a mooring buoy a simple and safe operation. Compared to traditional boat hooks, providing superior functionality when mooring. It eliminates the risk of going overboard when mooring the boat and you will no longer need outside assistance when docking.
  • Quickly & Easily & Flexibly - It threaded the rope efficiently, quickly, and easily. Like a flexible hand that you have, it can be extended out of your reach!allows you to pass a line around a pole, stanchion, or mooring—from a distance. It works using an ingenious toggling link that can attach to one side of the forked hook, and then to the other side — automatically.
  • HOW TO USE - has a threaded fitting for fitting onto a conventional boat handle. You can simply push it through the ring of a buoy, then when the gate closes on the hook and is pulled back the rope on the hook will grab the ring allowing it to be pulled towards you.
  • Wide Application - In life, there are many places that can be applied! Tie fixed stems and leaves to vines; tie collars to pets; moor boats; Tying a swing, setting up a clothesline, tying a hammock and other difficult and dangerous actions can help you achieve your goals efficiently and with high quality!


  • Material: Stainless steel + soft rubber
  • Pole: 42.5x22.5x3.5cm (pole extension 40 to 150cm / 1.3 to 5ft)
  • Adapter: 30x19.5x4.5 cm (11.8x7.7x1.8 inches)


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