About us

A Leading Online Tool Retailer

Welcome to BOUNTH where we are dedicated to serving professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you are considering buying a woodworking tool, a garden tool or simply a ruler, you will find exactly the tool you need to get your home improvement jobs done.

Committed to delighting its customers every step of the way, Bounth is reinventing the way people shop for their home improvement projects – from product discovery to final delivery.

Our Mission And Vision (Devotion And Innovation)

Jump in and explore what we have to offer. To understand the difficulties and obstacles every workman is facing, providing the right tool they need to get their job done. To be creative and visionary, providing tools and solutions for those who make the world.

We strive to maintain and build on our standards. Proving and cementing our reputation for reliability.

Why Choose Us?

Our product range is far greater than what you would ordinarily find at a high street store or on a retail park. We distribute tools for woodworking, painting, home and garden applications and much more. BOUNTH only sells items that are brand new. All of our products are backed with an easy 30 day return policy. Why limit yourself to a restricted choice, when you don’t have to? Why waste time and money travelling to a shop, when so many of our products are available to buy now with Fast Delivery?

With BOUNTH, you’ll buy smart and work smart.


In order to offer to the customers reliable and high-quality products, we collaborate with Amenitee, Saker and Lakeside as well as with other providers to meet the needs of our customers in Quality-Price and Service.

Our Culture (Everyone Counts)

While we harbor grand desires to give back to the customers and take on social responsibility, not a single company could stay together without the screws that hold things in place. Success, therefore, depends on the smaller tools, or pieces, that keep structures from tumbling. Just as screws are the small yet essential objects that strengthen and sustain, we value every single worker of our company. Without their earnest efforts, our grand desires could not be so securely maintained.

While most companies are only concerned with getting you to buy what they’re selling, we’re focused on bringing you things worth buying.

Sure, ultimately what we find are products. But what we bring you is much bigger than that. It’s a choice. It’s a future. It’s a world where better ideas win.