Saker Reciprocating Saw Blade 2021 Test

High-precision Cutting
Deep-cutting Thickness
High-quality Savings

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Save Time And Money And Get Your Project Done Properly

Professional Finishing

Slice through wood, bricks,and drywall in an ultra-fine cut with the precision of professional machinery.

Saves Time And Money

With our saker reciprocating saw blades, you will get your project done quickly without hiring a specialist.

Maximum Dust Reduction

Due to our efficient design, the amount of dust is reduced to the absolute minimum.

We care about our DIYers

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Large Tooth Pitch (2TPI)

Our saker reciprocating saw blades feature large tooth pitches, which makes for accurate and easy cutting. The thin pitch will offer a fast and accurate cutting.

Durable And Heat Resistant

Because of the bi-metal blade in combination with the tiny carbide teeth, our product is extremely heat-resistant and impact-resistant, guaranteeing long endurance.

High Precision Cutting Results

Our carbide teeth are designed for cutting highly abrasive mineral-based materials, and in combination with the large tooth pitches, it provides a quick and precise cutting edge.

Extra Long Life

The extra-wide body and extra-thick gauge material (1.5mm/0.05” thickness, and 5.2mm/0.20 width), ensures ultimate stability and extends the use time dramatically.

How It Works?

Choose your combination pack
Do it yourself like a professional
Get your project done quickly
Limited Dust

Our saker reciprocating saw blade is designed to reduce the amount of dust to the bare minimum so you can cut far more efficiently, more often, and more cleanly, even within your own home

Universally Compatible

The saker reciprocating saw blade features a universal shank, which will fit any brand of reciprocating saw including Dewalt, Freud Dado, Diablo, and similar brands

Multiple Functions

This saker reciprocating saw blade was designed for extreme cutting in high-performance applications, and can be used for construction, renovation, or demolition work.

Cuts Various Materials

The saw can cut through (nail-free) wood, brick, porous concrete (aerated concrete), limestone, cement composite boards, drywall, plaster, plastic, masonry, and similar materials.



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Best Value Pack (8pcs)

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Hot Sale Pack (4pcs)

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Widely Use

A reciprocating saw is one of the most useful power tools you’ll ever own for construction, renovation and demolition work. It can be used to cut nail-free wood,masonry, plaster and drywall, porous concrete, and varieties of bricks.

Nail-free Wood
Porous Concrete
Plaster and Drywall

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