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Saker Fence Wire Tensioning Tool

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Are you still worried about the maintenance work of the fence? Now you can quickly and easily repair it without using expensive tools or cutting wires. This is the quick, simple and effective way to tighten loose, sagging, or broken barbed wire fencing!


  • Simple application: Just insert and wind
  • Save your money: Less cost than a crimp sleeve and tool and is Reusable
  • Quick and easy to use: In less than one minute you can repair loose and sagging strands of barbed wire fence by inserting a clip and making a few turns.
  • Broken wire: Just insert a splice strand on each side, turn until taut, and then you're done!
  • Wide range of applications: Tightens any type of wire up to 12 1/2 gauge without un-stapling and re-stretching.
  • Reliable: Tighteners won't cause kinks, which can weaken your fence and leave it prone to future breaks
  • Reusable: Work together with a turning tool to give leverage when applied to your fence. Can be re-tightened as wire stretches.


  • Size:‎Saker Fence Wire tensioning Tool(11.7X8.3X3.6 cm,62g);Tighteners Handle(29.2X17.5X1.2cm,275g)
  • Material:‎Steel
  • Diameter:1/4" 


  • 10 PCS Saker Fence wire tensioning tool
  • 20PCS Saker Fence wire tensioning tool
  • 40PCS Saker Fence wire tensioning tool
  • 1* Tighteners Handle
  • 1* Tighteners Handle+ 20PCS Saker Fence wire tensioning tool
  • 1* Tighteners Handle+ 40PCS Saker Fence wire tensioning tool
  • 1* Tighteners Handle+ 60PCS Saker Fence wire tensioning tool
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