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Hanging Strawberry Planting Bag

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  • The earth ball is very strong and stable. Because the tree planting bag retains enough root system, the soil ball is smaller than the general one, and the soil ball is not easy to loosen when the plant is transplanted, especially for plants that have been growing on sandy land for a long time, the effect is more obvious.
  • The roots of plants are not easy to grow. Because the non-woven tree planting bag is made of strong polypropylene material, it has high strength, which can effectively prevent the plant roots from growing outwards and surrounding, and also ensure the benign growth of the roots. The roots are in full contact with the earth's air.
  • Transplantation is extremely convenient and suitable all year round. The root system of plants grown in the unrestricted tree bag will not penetrate down. For a small part of the side fibrous roots, it can be easily removed with a cutting tool, and then it can be transplanted. Since 90% of the roots of plants are grown in tree planting bags for a long time, they will not be affected by the outside world at all, so they are suitable for transplanting in different seasons.
  • The success rate and quality of transplantation have been improved. Compared with traditional transplanting methods, the damage to plant roots is more than 90%. However, anyway, tree planting bags can greatly reduce the damage in this respect, making the plant transplantation as intact as possible, without too much pruning of the plant, so that the survival rate and quality have been greatly improved.
  • Reduced cultivation costs. Compared with ordinary planting containers, non-woven tree planting bags can save a lot of costs for seedling farmers, such as potting soil and fertilization measures.
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