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Saker Mini Ratchet Wrench Four Piece Set

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  • Saker Mini Ratchet Wrench Four Piece Set has the characteristics of high hardness, high torque, sturdiness, and durability, not easy to fall off, and not slippery.
  • It is widely used in home appliance repair, electrician repair, automobile repair, mechanical repair, non-motor vehicle repair, plumbing repair, etc. 
  • Two-way adjustable, easy to operate in small spaces, small size, and easy to carry. Matte surface treatment, comfortable grip.


  • Wrench Size - 3.9-0.7inches
  • Wrench Weight - 0.13 lb
  • Socket Weight - 0.26 lb
  • Bit Size - 0.98/3.2 inches / 1.06/3.2 inches
  • Bit Weight 0.13 lb
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