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Saker T-type Ratcheting Tap Wrench

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  • Easy to operate even in narrow space.
  • Widely Application - It is used for hand tapping taps, adjustable forward and reverses, ratchet rotation, compact and convenient, widely used in industry and life, plays a great role.
  • Easy To Operate - It is a kind of ratchet wheel with a small switch in the middle, which can be tapped with the right hand or left hand. One-handed operation is very convenient. It can improve work efficiency and is a good partner for DIY tapping.


  • Length 3.34 inches
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Model - M3-M8(3.3-3.9inches)、M3-M8 lengthened(9.8-3.9inches)、 M5-M12(4.3-4.7inches)、M5-M12 lengthened(11.8-4.7inches)
  • Screw Hand Tap Color Silver
  • Length 3.34 inches


Tap Wrench operate main point:

  • 1. The good pit hole must chamfering chamfer first
  • 2. To use drill clamp supporting tap
  • 3. Tap to vertical alignment operation
  • 4. Cut into rotation level 2-3 times
  • 5. confirm vertical after Cut
  • 6. Tapping 3/4 turn after a quarterback feeling
  • 7. level reversal pull out after working
  • 8. Remember that cutting metal need to use with the oil
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