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Saker® Zinc Alloy Deburring External Chamfer Tool for Drill Bit

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Product description:

Are you often face this embarrassing situation? When you try to screw the nut find the bolt has much burr. Usually you will take arduous hammer to hit it to be tapered edge. This Saker® Deburring External Chamfer Tool for Drill Bit is designed to solve this problem for you. Made of Zinc Alloy with 3 shaving teeth and hexagon shaped shaft which keeps the deterring from slipping while working with drill bit. It's designed to clean up any kind of threads or end of pipe that might have burrs and let nut easily slide over the bolt.

  • Feature- Great for repairing damaged bolts and fasteners Hard steel could use lubricating oil to improve tool performance
  • Easy to use- This external deburring chamfer works by a way of shearing metal layer by layer. Using the lowest speed on the drill bit, and then slightly applying pressure to remove the burr. Safety conscientious design means no cut hands, no sparks, and no burns.
  • Wide Application- Effective applied to hardened steel, mild steel, copper, brass, fiberglass and hard plastic.
  • Fit size- Drill use 0-400 RPMs Fit 1/8" (3mm) to 7/10" (18mm)
  • Great Design & Material- Made of High-Speed Steel and it has a cutter ability. 
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