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Super Easy DIY Wall Painting

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Super Easy DIY Wall Painting
Moved to a new house recently?
Need a renovation for your house?
Wanna do some job by yourself rather than hire someone and pay?
This 2019 premium do-it-your-self paint kit is perfect for you. Get perfect & excellent results from this innovative painting tool that masters both corners and molding! 

Takes the hassle and the mess out of any home painting jobs today! You’ll be amazed when you accomplish your room! 

  • 2019 New Arrivals 
  • Glide along moldings, zip around corners, paint circles around fixtures!
  • The paint pads hold up to 12 times more paint than traditional paint brushes and 7 times more paint than traditional paint rollers (2019 UPGRADED, 2018 can only hold 9 times more paint) 
  • Paint an entire room in less than one hour (some done 5 rooms in 1 hour with this 2019 version, amazing!) 


  • Get perfect & excellent results every time at ease, every time. Anyone can do it ;) 
  • No more paint prepping, runs or brush strokes.
  • 3 metal sticks expand your reach unto 1 meter help you reach anywhere in the room at ease. 
  • Paint any wall, any room regardless of the degree of texture.
  • No need for tape to get those perfect lines as you glide around fixtures and curves.
  • Spend more time with your family or enjoy painting time more without difficulty. 



Paint kit without metal sticks (total 6pcs):
1x Tray 
1x Roller 
2pcs Handles 
2pcs Sponge Pads 

Paint kit with metal sticks (total 9pcs):
1x Tray 
1x Roller 
2pcs Handles 
2pcs Sponge Pads 
3pcs metal sticks 

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