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The Tongue & Groove Milling Router Bit

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🔩The Tongue & Groove Milling Router Bit

Another Wonderful Woodworking Time Saver➡Create perfect tongue & groove joints within seconds!The TONGUE & GROOVE MILLING ROUTER BIT makes smooth finger joints!😍


  • Made of QUALITY, SOLID FORTIFIED STEEL:Super sharp blades for a flawless finish.
    Allows you to lengthen boards and connect one piece of wood to another by creating joints
  • The ANTI-KICKBACK DESIGN prevents sudden unintended movement of tool or workpiece: With HEAT RESISTANT TEFLON COATING for increased durability
  • TESTED FOR USE AT THE HIGHEST SPEEDS, exceeding the 22,000-RPMs delivered by most portable routers
  • PROVIDE SMOOTH & CLEAN RESULTS:Industrial grade micro grain carbide tips ensure consistently smooth finish cuts.Accurately creates gaps or spaces and tongue to easily attach two pieces of wood together
  • WORKS ON HARDWOOD OR SOFTWOOD:Especially suitable for amateurs and professionals.


  • Material: Carbide Alloy
  • Shank Sizes:1/2in ,1/4in , 8mm
  • Shank diameter:12.7mm
  • Blade length:31.75mm
  • Blade Diameter:34.9mm

Package  includes:

  • 1*The Tongue & Groove Milling Router Bit
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