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Woodworking Sliding Gauge Ruler

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  • PRECISION - The ruler gives you the ultimate marking precision, allowing the user to accurately mark up to the finest millimeter. It has more accurate minimum measuring range than regular vermier calipers which can mark up to 1/20 (0.05) mm which is about 0.019 inches.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION (MEASUREMENT AND MARKING). With one caliper you can do 5 different things! From measuring 45 degrees, 90 degrees, depth, width to drawing lines. You can gauge the thickness and depth of the object but also check the angles with combined miter and t-square. You can mark the object by utilizing the main scale as a ruler.

  • OTHER VERSATILITY - You can insert a straight ruler and this will work as a vernier caliper. The caliper comes with additional depth gauge accessory which is perfect for measuring items such as cylindrical rods, pipes and all kinds of angles. This depth gauge is also removable. You can fully customize the caliper with additional components based on the projects.

  • EASY TO READ - Each aluminum blade is precisely milled with state-of-the-art MCT equipment followed by sanding procedure and anodizing finishing touches. The professional square ruler is constructed for maximum durability. Blades are engraved with laser marks on the scale with white markings on black smooth backgrounds for increased clarity!

  • STABLE YET LIGHTWEIGHT - The blade is made of the anodized aluminum material with 2 mm thickness. This stable cast aluminum tool plate is sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight. It is 30 g lighter than regular vernier calipers. The lightweight body is ergonomically designed to ease the pressure on the elbows or wrists while measuring and marking.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

  • Range: 0-280mm

  • Color: Black

  • Weight: 250 g


  • 1 * Woodworking Sliding Gauge Ruler


Please allow slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement.

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